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Light of light, Part II

By On May 13, 2014

ॐ about a 5 minute read ॐ This post follows Light of light, Part I Love      St. John of the Cross said, “We live in what we love.” Think in the… Read More


Light of light, Part I

By On May 13, 2014

ॐ about an 8 minute read ॐ You haven’t heard much from me lately because I’ve been tip-toeing around these funky questions: Do I share too much? Not enough? Is it the right… Read More


Watching the ocean breathe

By On March 24, 2014

I’m watching the ocean breathe Its own ecosystem we rarely see I’m listening to the shore react Holding it in my throat The ocean swirls up and around cleansing my mind Dedication… Read More


A balanced throw

By On January 22, 2014

People talk My father still to this day chooses to be in pain I often wonder how he remains alive And why He’s only intoxicating He’s not giving What are his underlying… Read More


The road to comfort is crowded

By On January 6, 2014

I went to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, thought hard about my secret life My eyes flooded with tears during scenes in Greenland, Iceland, the Himalayas, and again at the end—… Read More


Let it go

By On August 28, 2013

I spent two hours in a meditative state I felt every muscle and tendon inside my body I played the most beautiful memories in my mind I began to feel an uncontrollable… Read More

my work

Write to meet their needs, read to meet yours

By On July 20, 2013

Maybe you can relate. My writing stems from two very different predicaments. Both of which, can result in pages upon pages, tracking my own personal history, thoughts and realizations—often left behind on… Read More

my work

Pain may tell us something

By On June 13, 2013

Pain may tell us something important. Sometimes screaming, “do something about me!” Yet more often than not, we experience physical pain and do our damnedest to ignore it. I’m pretty sure this… Read More