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By On March 12, 2016

He walked heal to toe, slow Abstractedly balanced Down the sunlit Puerto Vallartan boardwalk The only place he’d ever go Outside the comforts of his own country Soon enough he’d go back… Read More

my work

Gladly, get me lost

By On June 4, 2015

Go alone into adventure just for awhile at least long enough to touch the surface of that dilating introduction, don’t pass up the chance to meet yourself in real time Careful not… Read More

extraordinary people

That spot in time

By On March 8, 2015

The night you threw me down in the wet grass And kissed me in the summer rain The sound of the train tracks Pounding my heart alive A profusion of colors in… Read More


A balanced throw

By On January 22, 2014

People talk My father still to this day chooses to be in pain I often wonder how he remains alive And why He’s only intoxicating He’s not giving What are his underlying… Read More