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That spot in time

By On March 8, 2015

The night you threw me down in the wet grass And kissed me in the summer rain The sound of the train tracks Pounding my heart alive A profusion of colors in… Read More


The road to comfort is crowded

By On January 6, 2014

I went to the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, thought hard about my secret life My eyes flooded with tears during scenes in Greenland, Iceland, the Himalayas, and again at the end—… Read More

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Disconnecting from loneliness

By On November 28, 2013

On November 27, 2013 I watched a video on Vimeo that my boyfriend sent me. Minutes prior to watching, I was giggling at all the dogs of Reddit photos he kept sending… Read More

my work

Write to meet their needs, read to meet yours

By On July 20, 2013

Maybe you can relate. My writing stems from two very different predicaments. Both of which, can result in pages upon pages, tracking my own personal history, thoughts and realizations—often left behind on… Read More


Caribbean love: running on Island time

By On May 13, 2013

Michael and I traveled down to Saint Martin-Sint Maarten Island in the Caribbean for just under 3 weeks. St. Martin/Sint Maarten is the smallest land mass in the world shared by two… Read More

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Mess up your routine!

By On February 23, 2013

I’ll go along with everything that tests, and rests, on my pride. I’ve mastered this task since my first recollections of consciousness. Instantly apprehensive, and me, frozen, in the midst of destruction.… Read More

extraordinary people

Full circle

By On January 26, 2013

This photo is really, really important. Why? Well, that’s my mom, first off. That deserves a novel in itself. Secondly, this is the moment—just moments before I left my home country to… Read More

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Video: Year in Photos 2012

By On January 7, 2013

Per Michael A. Nyffeler: After reviewing some nearly 17,000 images I captured in 2012, I wanted to see if I could relive the entire year by compiling the images from start to… Read More